The List

It's been a pleasure to see the old rock n roll cannon dismantled, taking with it the notion that the studio album is the only thing that matters.

Instead of a single monolithic arbiter of taste we're all now able to share our own personal musical histories. This is mine. I'm calling it The List.

It's a subjective cannon that reflects my taste in music in an un-ranked, non-comprehensive way. It will include albums, compilations, Greatest Hits, Best Ofs, EPs, film soundtracks and anything else that I consider essential. I don't care about the format, I'm in it for the joy of brilliant music.

I'll do a post per 'record', as often as I'm able. Once I've added a post to the blog it'll be linked to below forming The List. It seems unlikely I'll ever write about every album that means something to me - partially, I hope, because the number of albums that do will continue to grow. That said, I hope you can come on the journey with me as long as it lasts. And just maybe you'll find something new to love along the way.

If you're doing anything similar I hope you'll share it with me. You can find me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

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