Saturday, 2 November 2013

Big Wave - GW Bridge

Whilst otherwise my feelings about Cassette Store Day (which happened back in September) are neither here nor there I was pretty pleased to be able to buy this sexy Bleed In Gold compilation from Art Is Hard Records. To be honest, I've not had the chance to listen through the whole thing on tape (36 songs) as yet, but on the download it is 'GW Bridge' that keeps me coming back.

Big Wave first caught my interest with the terrific 'Wild Strawberries' a couple of years ago, and it's heartwarming to see that not only are they still at it, but they've evolved into something that could be rather special. If you've had your ears open then you might've heard this track already, but it's presented here in case you've not.

'GW Bridge' is hazy without being lazy and as such is more than a dozen times better than most of their contemporaries. It's exactly how I want my indiepop to sound in 2013, and if you like this you should have a browse around their bandcamp, because as they've proven they're already more than a one-song band.