Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lego: Five Minifigures We'd Like To See

Since this image of an apparently forthcoming Batgirl minifigure appeared online debate has been occurring as to whether it's a convincing custom or due to appear in one of Lego's 2014 Batman sets. We can't help but wonder if the confusion is partially down to the fact that Batgirl is.. well... a girl. After all, Lego doesn't have the best reputation for gender equality in its licensed themes and what's more, there's no excuse for it. Off the top of our heads, here is five women that'd we'd like to see immortalised in Lego – regardless of Batgirl's fate.

Padmé Amidala (Naboo Battle Gear)
The Star Wars theme celebrates its 15th Anniversary next year, and despite being the female lead for an entire trilogy Padmé Amidala has only appeared in Lego a small handful of times, with a 10 year gap between her first appearance and her next minifigure availability. This year's Republic Gunship finally gave us the chance to own a copy of the character in her Episode II battle fatigues... but only if we had the money to shell out on one of the most expensive sets in the range. With Lego's sights now set on Episode III we're going to have to brace ourself for a donzen boy-friendly variants on the eternally available Clone Trooper before we see Amidala in bricks again.

The collectable minifigures range is, largely, doing much better at gender gender representation than the licensed themes are, but that doesn't mean that there's no room for improvement. Series 11 saw a Scientist, but this step forward was sorely needed after the Trendsetter figure included in Series 10. One traditionally male-dominated area that's often seen depicted in city sets is a pilot character, and with a male character appearing in this guise in Series 3, perhaps it's time we saw a woman take to the brick-built skies.

Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
Not only is Shadowcat the heart of the current incarnation of the X-Men, but her phasing power lends itself perfectly to the Lego format. Uniform goes in Shadowcat's favour here, meaning that should Lego chose to produce our favourite X-character they'd likely be able to re-use the torso for a number of Kitty's team-mates (Jean Grey, for example). However, not being a household name means that the only way we're likely to see a Shadowcat figure is if a full range of sets is made available to tie-in with the Days of Future Past movie. Realistically this means the 2014 X-Men sets will probably just be another Wolverine-centric bloke-fest.

Captain Marvel
The most interesting character in the Marvel stable at the moment is the former Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, who under the authorship of Kelly Sue DeConnick has gained a devoted fan following and been the lead in one of the best series that the publisher has been putting it's name to. Sadly, her pilot-inspired jumpsuit has yet to gain full recognition over her old swimming costume in some of the fanboy dominated sections of the community. Should we be lucky enough to add this top-ranking Avenger to our assembled figure collection it's likely that she'll only be appearing in her cartoon Ms. guise. We won't be holding our breath on this, there are only 3 widely available female minifigures in the Marvel theme - that's less than the number of different Iron Man suits.

Mara Jade
Easily the best and most iconic Star Wars character to have never appeared in the films (sorry Thrawn fans), it's safe to say that a Mara Jade figure would ensure a set sells like hot cakes. Just check out her popularity as a custom/MOC. Luckily we wouldn't bet against her appearing in the forthcoming Rebels TV series, and if Lego's relationship with it's Clone Wars forerunner is anything to go by an appearance in this ensures dead-certain minifigure translation. On top of this we've seen a marked increase in Expanded Universe sets appearing in recent years; perhaps a Thrawn Trilogy inspired set isn't out of the question...

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