Friday, 15 March 2013

Track of the Week: Her Parents - Why Don't You Just Fuck Off

It's been busy times over at our favourite record label. So much so that we've actually lost count of who is on the Alcopop! roster. What we do know is that's it's getting ever stronger with 2013 looking set to be their best year yet. The last couple of weeks have seen them add not only Fight Like Apes to their bulging pool of talent, but Dananananaykroyd offshoot Her Parents, too.

Coming out fighting, this taste from a forthcoming release follows hot on the heels of Her Parents 2012 released Physical Release album. You may have missed it mid-blink, but 'Why Don't You Just Fuck Off' was released on limited edition CD earlier in the week for just 1p. It sold out in a flash, which is appropriate for a song that makes Buzzcocks seem like Yes. But worry not, it's a free download from soundcloud!

Blisteringly energetic, it's obvious that Her Parents inherited the irreverent fun from the Danana's and from the sounds of things are likely to be incredible live.

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