Friday, 22 February 2013

Track of the Week: Just Handshakes – London Bound

Don't you just hate it when the initial excitement of a brand new pop tune gives way to a mere “meh”? Well, it's GUARANTEED not to be the case with Just Handshakes. We can confidently say that on the strength of 'London Bound' (which we've been listening to for a couple of weeks) this is the band that will help us get over the splittings of Shrag and Standard Fare; a group that helps us to be less sad that there's no more Pete & the Pirates or Thomas Tantrum.

That Just Handshakes are our indiepop bandages, medicine and counselling shouldn't have come as a surprise. They've been quietly releasing bits-and-bobs for a few years now, with last year's cassette tape EP being particularly special. But it's 'London Bound' – their first statement from a forthcoming debut album – that finally sees them fully formed and ready to be taken fully into yr hearts.

It starts of sounding a little like Altered Images (a good thing!) before an excellent guitar hook unravels and carries the song through a soaring chorus. If you've missed bands whose songs that made you want to dance under the lights at a DIY indiepop disco, then it's a moment that will make your heart skip. Detailing that moment in yr life when yr friends abandon their adopted university town for a life down South it's a poignant track for a generation of bruised and scattered pop fans who just wanted to prolong the best years for a little bit longer.

Grab the free download (with pretty-damn-good-actually remix) over at Bleeding Gold Records bandcamp page.

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