Friday, 22 February 2013

Track of the Week: Just Handshakes – London Bound

Don't you just hate it when the initial excitement of a brand new pop tune gives way to a mere “meh”? Well, it's GUARANTEED not to be the case with Just Handshakes. We can confidently say that on the strength of 'London Bound' (which we've been listening to for a couple of weeks) this is the band that will help us get over the splittings of Shrag and Standard Fare; a group that helps us to be less sad that there's no more Pete & the Pirates or Thomas Tantrum.

That Just Handshakes are our indiepop bandages, medicine and counselling shouldn't have come as a surprise. They've been quietly releasing bits-and-bobs for a few years now, with last year's cassette tape EP being particularly special. But it's 'London Bound' – their first statement from a forthcoming debut album – that finally sees them fully formed and ready to be taken fully into yr hearts.

It starts of sounding a little like Altered Images (a good thing!) before an excellent guitar hook unravels and carries the song through a soaring chorus. If you've missed bands whose songs that made you want to dance under the lights at a DIY indiepop disco, then it's a moment that will make your heart skip. Detailing that moment in yr life when yr friends abandon their adopted university town for a life down South it's a poignant track for a generation of bruised and scattered pop fans who just wanted to prolong the best years for a little bit longer.

Grab the free download (with pretty-damn-good-actually remix) over at Bleeding Gold Records bandcamp page.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Track of the Week: Bordeauxxx – Stupid Noble Reasons

This week our very own Bordeauxxx have unveiled a brand new video for the latest single from Only Fiction. 'Stupid Noble Reasons' follows on from 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster' and 'The Beach Girls And The Monster' in what is an incredibly strong run of singles for the band, and could well lay claim to be the catchiest yet.

To commemorate this we've decided to offer you the chance to pick up this great mini-album on CD for the reduced price of £3.50. And you can buy it here.

But back to the matter in hand, here's the video, and although we're biased we think 'Stupid Noble Reasons' might just be one of the great indiepop smashes of 2013!

Great eh? But if you're still not convinced you can stream the whole mini-album over at Bordeauxxx's bandcamp page. Once you've done so, head over to the KPL store and pick up your bargain copy of Only Fiction but hurry up, come Monday it's full price again. 

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Track of the Week: Screaming Maldini – Minor Alterations

Although there is a part of us that'd like to give the Track of the Week over to CHVRCHES, the fact that they're climbing a sure-fire ladder to the charts means that we really don't need to. Plus, there's only been one record that's been on repeat here this week (and that's in a week that's seen releases from the ever-strong Frightened Rabbit and the ace Veronica Falls) – the long awaited debut album from Sheffield's Screaming Maldini.

It's long been evident that Screaming Maldini have something truly special and unique going on. Across their Alcopop! Releases and compilation odds and ends *cough*, their pop ambitions have becoming more and more accomplished. This sealed itself with last year's majestic single 'Summer Somewhere' and now on their album they simply soar.

Minor Alterations' is one track from this shining utopian pop record. Bursting with fresh ideas and damning less ambitious outfits to the dustbin marked 'meh'. And whilst we're hesitant to publicly deconstruct the lyrics for fear of misrepresenting what's on show, it's safe to say that like the music it warrants multiple listens and benefits completely immersing yrself in.

It's very rare that we come across a band this dynamic and able to realise such high ambitions. Top marks Maldini!

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Friday, 1 February 2013

Track of the Week: Calories – Every Day Is A School Day

Much better is this new track from Calories, who are four chaps from Birmingham. They've managed to stay off our radar until just now, despite being buddies with out long-time favourites Johnny Foreigner, something which always means that a band are worth checking out. Our bad there.

'The nihilistic sound of 'Every Day Is A School Day' recalls the likes of The Spills and Runaround Kids with its noisy abrasiveness and whilst the vocals take second place to the drones of grunge guitars there's still a great hook that's immediately apparent. It's taken from the DMT EP, which is available as a free/pay-what-you-like download and is merely one facet that the band showcase. Third track 'Flickers From The Ochre House' is not dissimilar to a violin-less Talons, whilst the acoustic version of 'Fragments of Cities' is somewhat akin to the gentler moments from Nine Black Alps early days. A cracking release, all told and very much worth your time.

Calories album Basic Nature is available on CD from Tough Love Records

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(Thanks go to Johnny Foreigner for pointing this out on their Twitter)