Friday, 21 December 2012

KPL003 - Pop Kept Loud - Free Download

Merry Christmas from Keep Pop Loud!

As a festive treat for you all we're really happy to bring you our third ever release and present it to you as a free download to say thanks for a terrific 2012!

This compilation EP features a selection of the bands that we've covered and loved over the past 12 months and can be streamed and downloaded below.

Bordeauxxx open the EP with 'Headlights/Fireflies' from the Keep Pop Loud released mini-album Only Fiction. It's one of our favourites from the record and really show what our indiepop sensations are capable of.  

Menace Beach feature members of You Animals and Sky Larkin and released the Dream Out EP at the beginning of this month. The title track is featured here and is a fantastically fuzzy sample of what can be heard in full here.

Formed from the ashes of Kidnapper Bell, Summer are a band we've had our eyes on since the beginning. Their track 'Stay Where You Are' is a fantastic slice of modern pop with a darker edge. A taste of very special things to come we think...

One of our favourite bands of the year Paintings of Ships followed up on the promise of their singles with the great album English Weather. 'Summer Love' is one of many highlights and possibly their most instant track. A band that we think you really need in your life.

As you may have seen, we named Dinosaur Planet by the legendary MJ Hibbett & The Validators as our favourite album of 2012. What a pleasure it is then to bring you our favourite track from this album. 'The Battle of Peterborough' sees space dinosaurs lay waste to the Cambridgeshire city.

Closing our compilation is the delightful Olympians, whose Book Club series of singles has provided us with many wonderful moments in 2012. 'Nova Scotia' is a more measured way to end the year and rounds off this release beautifully. We hope that you enjoy the release and would love to see you share it.

If you like what you hear then please support the bands by investigating their music further or going to see them at a show. And once again, thanks for making 2012 the start of even bigger things to come for Keep Pop Loud.  

Keep Pop Loud

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