Friday, 16 November 2012

Single Reviews: The Lovely Eggs, Veronica Falls, Menace Beach, Mega Thomas

The pop don't stop. As soon as we've posted one set of reviews another crop of songs turn up and we're reminded of something that got missed last time. There's plenty of contenders for Track of the Week within this lot – a good job we're not doing that any more then...

Menace Beach – Dream Out EP
Featuring two members of You Animals and one of Sky Larkin, Menace Beach are the latest and best indiepop supergroup that we've come across. Based in Leeds they've released the fab EP Dream Out on French lable Desire Records. Four tracks short and so very sweet, the cassette sees the band playing with hazy 90's US alt rock to excellent effect.
It's the opening and title track that steals it from early on, with a strong vocal hook and echoing guitar melody, it's a welcome postcard from a hazy trip. 'Teenage Jesus' and 'Wake' form the middle of the EP with the former rocking like an old Dinosaur Jr song played from memory and the latter is slacker rock that sounds although it's coming from under plaid in unbearable summer heat.
Closing with 'Burn Out' we're reminded most strongly of You Animals. It's a stitching together of their high-octane pop and the 90's borowing of Stagecoach and ringing it through a fuzz pedal mangle.
The whole release is over in 8 minutes and 33 seconds, leaving us wanting more. Well played chaps!

Veronica Falls - Teenage
Strange that the only band in the past couple of years to have properly broken out of the indiepop ghetto and onto Pitchfork and the 6Music playlist has been Veronica Falls. The good news however is that new single 'Teenage' is likely to find itself in plenty of ears. It shed's the reverb-heavy hits of their debut album and aims for perfect pop. Recalling classic indiepop tunes filtered through teenage nostalgia (the hint is in the title) it keeps everything short and snappy, meaning that after the three minutes are up you're more than happy to go straight back in.
What's more, this sounds both Christmassy and Summery at once. A very good thing!

The Lovely Eggs – I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With
This week the Guardian correctly stated
“When future music historians write about the great indie-rock bands of c. 2005-2015 - the ones who should have been massive but the kids were all too busy downloading Lana Del Rey remixes and knowing things about Snooki - Johnny Foreigner will get two chapters to themselves.”
But what they neglected to mention was that the book will probably be called You Should Listen to The Lovely Eggs.
Everyone with sense is fully aware that the two piece have everything that makes bands great and on the taster for their third album (in 3 years) they've taken another step forward. Positively epic by the Eggs standards it features their surreal humour, fuzzy guitars and – this time – a chorus that you could expect to hear on the radio.

Mega Thomas – In The Shower
As the singer in Thomas Tantrum (whose current fate is unknown) Megan Thomas was responsible for a large handful of undeniable indiepop smashes, her solo material takes a different tact however. The 'n' is gone, and on the first free download from Mega Thomas the pop bounce has been replaced with a creeping sense of unease. It has a similar sparseness to early TT stuff, but ultimately stands rather apart. Standing alongside Megan's unique vocal is the creeping guitar, haunted backing vocals and droning strings for an effect that's akin to an undead Phil Spector concoction or more convincing counterpart to Foe's 'Handsome Stranger Called Death'.
An album under the Mega Thomas name is hoped for at some point in the new year, and we're certainly very intrigued.

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