Tuesday, 30 October 2012

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It’s been an interesting few months since we last left you with Blood Red Shoes as Track of the Week. Although the Summer months bought very little in the way of exciting album releases, it has been an incredible Autumn. Luckily this surge in interesting releases was preceded by my re-entry into the workforce. I’ve therefore been able to invest in these releases as well as records from the earlier part of the year that I’d missed.

From the latter category a definite highlight of 2012 has been the Japandroids album Celebration Rock. Gushing reviews have already infiltrated almost every level of the music press since the LP’s May release that no re-iteration is really needed. On a personal level however, I’ve found it to be the most vital rock album of the year. It'll be a touchstone in years to come, so if you've not taken the plunge yet...

Only finally having made it’s way into my ears in the last week I feel it’s about time I sang the praises of Internet Forever and their self-titled debut album. A rush of giddy pop, it sounds at times like Los Campesinos!, The Pipettes, The Go! Team and Thomas Tantrum – and often more than one at once. It has a Christmassy feel, with each song feeling like a special treat. This album is the one that is most likely to help us make it through a cold, harsh winter.

On the more recent end of the release calendar I’m pleased to say that the albums by, The Winter Olympics This Many Boyfriends and Tall Ships both lived up to expectations. (You can see the notes I’ve made about The Winter Olympics record here). I’ve had discussions with people who feel let down by the TMBfs record, but aside from a rough-n-ready production finish that arguably doesn’t do the songs immediate justice, I’ve found it to be delightful and full of some of the catchiest pop tunes of 2012 so far. Tall Ships Everything Touching is more of a technical achievement, with some amazing compositions that are packed with soaring melodies that penetrate through yr skin on a surge of emotion. ‘Murmurations’ is the one that most people are picking up on; the near-10 minute closer is really a stunner and an incredible example of what is still possible from a guitar band. 


Just quickly, there’s been a couple of EPs that might’ve slipped under your radar of late. Dum Dum GirlsEnd of Daze picks up the lose ends from Only in Dreams, and provides hazy girl-group gems, whilst Frightened Rabbit released State Hospital – five tracks of them at their best. Also, if you’ve not heard Only Fiction the mini-album from Bordeauxxx yet (that we’ve only gone and released on KPL Records!) then, I'm not too shy to say that you should check it out now!

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