Friday, 20 July 2012

Track of the Week: Blood Red Shoes – Stop Kicking

The highlight of Blood Red Shoes amazing third record
Label: V2
Released: Out Now
Get It: Album In Time To Voices

With In Time To Voices Blood Red Shoes have treated our ears to a third excellent album. The two-piece rock group have yet to make a bad move, and with their latest have delivered a satisfying and eclectic album, that has all of the hallmarks of BRS whilst expanding their sonic pallet.

But the album has been out for months now, why are we reminding you? Well, because we don't do that enough. We've supported BRS since the early days of KPL and as this week has seen our first weekly commute soundtracked and enlivened by these sounds we thought that bringing you a highlight was in order.

You only need a cursory listen to 'Stop Kicking' to see why it's our highlight from In Time To Voices. Emotive and driven with a gripping rock sound, it's everything you could hope for from the supposedly dead genre.. that's more than a little bit alive.

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