Monday, 30 July 2012

Pre-Order Bordeauxxx - Only Fiction now!

Following on from our announcement last week, you can now pre-order the forthcoming Bordeauxxx mini-album Only Fiction over at the Keep Pop Loud store.

The brand new release from the indiepop sensations it is seven terrific tracks, including forthcoming single 'The Beach Girls And The Monster' which will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from next Monday (9th August).

Released on September 24th on CD through Keep Pop Loud, you can pre-order now to get the CD before release day. What's more, we've 25 hand-painted copies of the lead single to give away with the first 25 pre-orders AND 5 random other lucky early birds will get a free copy of the Keep Pop Loud CD!

So pre-order now to be in with a chance of grabbing some extra goodies and to get the CD on or before release date.

Only Fiction follows on from Bordeauxxx's debut EP Mother's Ruin, and the phenomenal single 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster'. Stay tuned for full news on the tracklisting and to hear the brand new single...

Monday, 23 July 2012

Bordeauxxx to release mini-album on Keep Pop Loud Records

It's the announcement that we've been dying to make! Indiepop sensations Bordeauxxx are releasing their new mini-album Only Fiction on Keep Pop Loud Records.

Released on September 24th, the seven track release will be available both digitally, and physically on a shiny Compact Disc. Hurrah!

Only Fiction follows on from Bordeauxxx's debut EP Mother's Ruin, and the phenomenal single 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster'. This is also the second collaboration between the group and KPL, with the aforementioned single appearing on our first release – the amazing Keep Pop Loud CD (alongside Glam Chops, MJ Hibbett and The Winter Olympics)!

This is what the band have to say:  

“We're really excited to finally be able to announce the release! It's a great representation of us as a band right now and we can't wait for you all to hear it. It feels like it's been a long time coming - so thanks to everyone who's still into it. The recording process actually took a bit longer than planned but we think it was totally worth it (and hope you do too!). There's a lot of different stuff on there so it was definitely a fun and exciting process and hopefully it'll make for an interesting listen. Pairing up with Keep Pop Loud seems just right too, we've got some great things in store...”

We'll be announcing more details, including the first single from Only Fiction, in the coming weeks so keep yr eyes peeled on the following links.

Bordeauxxx on Facebook
Bordeauxxx on Twitter
Bordeauxxx on Bandcamp
Bordeauxxx on Tumblr

Keep Pop Loud on Facebook
Keep Pop Loud on Twitter
Keep Pop Loud on Tumblr
Keep Pop Loud on Bandcamp

Friday, 20 July 2012

Track of the Week: Blood Red Shoes – Stop Kicking

The highlight of Blood Red Shoes amazing third record
Label: V2
Released: Out Now
Get It: Album In Time To Voices

With In Time To Voices Blood Red Shoes have treated our ears to a third excellent album. The two-piece rock group have yet to make a bad move, and with their latest have delivered a satisfying and eclectic album, that has all of the hallmarks of BRS whilst expanding their sonic pallet.

But the album has been out for months now, why are we reminding you? Well, because we don't do that enough. We've supported BRS since the early days of KPL and as this week has seen our first weekly commute soundtracked and enlivened by these sounds we thought that bringing you a highlight was in order.

You only need a cursory listen to 'Stop Kicking' to see why it's our highlight from In Time To Voices. Emotive and driven with a gripping rock sound, it's everything you could hope for from the supposedly dead genre.. that's more than a little bit alive.

Keep Pop Loud

Friday, 13 July 2012

Track of the Week: Miniature Dinosaurs - Lemonade

Big romantic pop that's all we could wish for.
Label: Integrity Records
Released: 13 August
Get It: Download Single

Now, at Keep Pop Loud we're not religious. But if we were to pray for a single that had Track of the Week written all over it we'd pray for something like this. Something with a big wooshing chorus and memorable lyrics. Something by a band with the word 'dinosaur' in their name.

And what should land in the inbox for review (look out in the August issue of Artrocker Magazine) but this. 'Lemonade' by Miniature Dinosaurs.

Years ago, when writing for This Is Fake DIY, we were sent a copy of Miniature Dinosaurs debut single '(I Want To Watch) Top Gear'. And although it was a fab paean to staying in (a sort of 21st Century look at what Madness approached on 'My Girl'), we sort of forgot about them a bit. Thankfully this is an incredible way to be reminded, as it's moved their sound on no-end. The four-piece flex their pop muscles nicely on a song that you feel The Killers have been trying to write since they last put out a good record (Sam's Town, 2006 - fact fans).

If you listen to this song once and don't feel the urge to play it again afterwards then you might need to check the place where yr appreciation for pop music used to be.

There's good things happening at KPL Towers right now, and 'Lemonade' is definitely going to be soundtracking them.

Keep Pop Loud

Monday, 9 July 2012

Tell Me Something You Do Like: Gunning For Tamar

It's the turn of Alco-Rockers Gunning For Tamar to tell us about something they think is GRATE!

For the latest instalment of our Tell Me Something You Do Like feature we turned to our favourite record label Alcopop! Records. With an excellent and diverse roster of handsome bands we knew that they'd be someone with something absolutely awesome to talk about.

Gunning For Tamar represent the heavier end of the Alcopop! story, a four piece from Oxford their last EP, Time Trophies, was released as a wrist watch and next single 'Dark Sky Tourism' is coming out as an A2 screen print.

You can buy all of this here.

To refresh your memory, here's what we've said of Gunning For Tamar in the past.

“For fans of the label think along the lines of Jumping Ships and LightGuides rather than My First Tooth, for the uninitiated think of crunching, but smart, rock music with brave instrumentation and an emotive bent.”

But don't just take our word, you can listen to 'Astronaut Abort' below, and whilst you are let GFT drummer D'Arcy King tell you exactly why he loves Japanese animation.

Manga & Anime

Before I begin on this exciting rant that I'm salivating at the mouth about I should, in all fairness proclaim NERD ALERT! This is because I'm going to talk about animation, cartoons in fact, so CHILD ALERT could be shouted too from the tops of ridiculous, metropolitan sky scrapers that kiss the cotton candy clouds that swim through the light blue sky. I'm going to be even more specific and focus on Japanese animation, Manga and Anime.

Before I explain why I think Japanese animation is so god damn awesome I thought I should explain that I'm not talking about your general, mainstream Anime. No I'm not talking about Pokemon or any other children's cartoon that promotes animal cruelty and the pitting of crazy animals against each other to the death (ok so no Pokemon die but it's heavily implied, seriously). If I was into that (which I'm not) I'd go to an illegal cock fight or watch bull fighting. Also, I just think the show is rubbish. YES I watched it a bit when I was a kid (15 years old) and yes I bought the first Pokemon game for the game-boy, I got over it ok! I'm also NOT talking about the tentacle rape porn that so many people jump to when you say “I like Anime and Manga”. That shiz is just wrong, on too many levels it's wrong. Who comes up with that stuff? I bet the guy who wrote 'The Human Centipede' (haven't watched it) loves it. I'm talking about shows like 'Fate Stay Night', 'Elfen Lied', 'Black Cat' and films like the entire Studio Ghibli collection, 'Fist of the North Star', 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, 'Summer Wars' and 'Castle of Cagliostro'. I'll put a small list at the end because I'm just that kind of guy.

So what got me into Japanese animation and sparked my love for beautifully drawn artwork and imaginative story lines I hear you say. Well I've never been one to fit in very well (sob story) and I've always preferred the world as I see it in my head than what is actually there. With this said a mate of mine lent me Final Fantasy VII (NERD ALERT) and well.....that is a game and a half. The story line, the sub story lines, the characters, the sub characters and the whole darn game in its entirety is incredible. You mix this in with the imagery and artwork (albeit dated now) you have yourself a dangerous concoction that for me, was more potent than the strongest drug around. It was shortly after that another mate of mine said “if you like that you will love this” and brought round 'Fist of the North Star' and that is just a ridiculous film but ridiculous in a good way. Think post apocalyptic Terminator future but instead of robots just insanely strong, psychotic men with one super strong guy kicking all their asses for being dick heads. I mean, come on! That description alone says it all. The main man cuts a falling skyscraper in half with his own head....HIS OWN BLOODY HEAD! Now don't jump to the conclusion that all Manga and Anime are like 'Fist of the North Star'. That's the beauty of it, there are loads of different genres such as Film Noir, Drama, Romance, Comedy and well you get the gist. I have yet to discover a horror but that's no big issue. Anyway, I was hooked then on and have amassed an impressive library of all kinds of Manga and Anime volumes.

It's hard for me to pinpoint one exact or main reason why I enjoy Japanese animation more than other animated formats (I'm not sure format is the right word but sod it). It is everything about it that suddenly immerses you into the story and I challenge anyone to watch a great Manga/Anime film or series and think it wouldn't be cool to be one of the characters or in that world. The imagery and artwork for one is incredible and there are so many different versions and styles out there and each one has something so unique and mesmerizing about them. The music, especially that which accompanies Studio Ghibli films. It is just beautiful to say the least. Then there are the story lines and I mean really good story lines. Stories about floating castles, poisonous forests reducing the worlds population to near extinction, a world wide international thief saving a princess from an evil baron, a famous pig (yes pig) fighter pilot protecting the Adriatic Sea from sea plane pirates or an invention that brings your dreams to life taking over the world. I mean I could sit here and write a review for each film and series I've seen but you don't have time for that, no one has time for that and you still won't get what I'm on about or really care. So I put this to you, watch one of the Manga/Anime in the list below OR better yet you come over, I'll pop some corn and we can watch one together. Deal?

Anime List: Castle of Cagliostro / Elfen Lied / Laputa Castle in the Sky / Fate Stay Night / NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind / Black Cat / Porco Rosso / Fooly Cooly / The Girl who Leapt Through Time / Samurai Champloo / Summer Wars / Rahxephon / Paprika / Darker than Black / Fist of the North Star / Claymore / Ninja Scroll / Escaflowne Street Fighter 2 / Samurai 7 / Spirited Away

Keep Pop Loud

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stream the Keep Pop Loud CD in full!

You can now listen to the full KPL CD online!


With a limited number of CDs in recycled clothing packaging still available, you can now treat your ears to 15 tracks of amazing indiepop before you buy.

Art Brut's Eddie Argos brings the glam rock with Glam Chops massive 'Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure'.
Dogs Die In Hot Cars' 'Beauty US' is the insight into the second album that never was. An there's a brand new song from MJ Hibbett! About comics!

In other words, it's ACE!

But you don't need to take our word (or Artrocker's Five Star Review!) for it any longer. Listen yourself.
As Keep Pop Loud Records prepares to re-launch itself with a fab single-artist release, now is the time to get in on the indiepop action... before it's sold out forever!

Buy it here

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Track of the Week: Blur – Under The Westway

Modern life isn't just rubbish. It's fucking terrible.

Released: 2 July
Get It: 7” Single / iTunes

Nothing more than a disgusting decadent farce. Some may say the same about Britpop, but it's the Olympics we speak of. A show for the rich and greedy, extolling the so-called virtues of competition. The slaves performing for their owners. But at least you can watch it on The Official TV of London Twenty-Twelve, whilst eating The Official Cereal Bar of London Twenty-Twelve. If you can afford a cereal bar that is. But worry not, at least the sponsors will do well.

If you want to make a similar argument about Britpop then you'll still find it hard to deny that in Blur something beautiful came out of horrid jingoistic nationalism. Moments like 'Tender', 'The Universal', and the entirety of Modern Life Is Rubbish. Listen now and hear why Blur still matter and why new material is something to get excited about. Because they reached us, not matter how old we were. They've influenced so many of our bands, from Kaiser Chiefs to Paintings of Ships. And they've proved everything good we've ever said about them by repeating their trick.

Out of the pomposity of the Olympics and the strutting of the ruling classes over London in the name of SPORT comes 'Under The Westway'. And it almost seems worth it. Understated and pretty, it's everything the surrounding bullshit isn't. It doesn’t sound like a “song to play at Hyde Park”, but a song to listen to and get wrapped up in. A song that comes into our homes and blocks the world out. It doesn't deserve the comparisons it's getting to The Beatles. It's much better than that, but then Blur always have been.

This may or may not be the one of the last songs we ever hear from the band, but that's irrelevant. England in 'summer' Two-Thousand-and-Twelve is a shit place to be. We're poor and the weather's awful. Popular culture's down the drain and sports are everywhere. Blur have provided a moment in time for us all to retreat to. And we need it more than we ever have.

Keep Pop Loud