Thursday, 7 June 2012

Track of the Week: Big Wave - Circumstance

A video reminder to pick up the forthcoming Roots Of Love EP

Label: Soft Power Records
Released: June 11
Listen: Bandcamp

With a longer-than-usual Bank Holiday combining itself with a slow release period the review of this week's top track comes a little late. Better than never, but why not pretend for a moment or three that summer's not over already and wrap your ears around the new video from the South Cost pop stars Big Wave.

EP The Roots Of Love (Come Tumbling Down) was reviewed on the (fairly) new Keep Pop Loud Tumblr a week ago, receiving praise of the following variety: “Ace melodies and catchy choruses are very much the order of the day”. Although single 'Circumstance' may not have been our favourite number from the release it's rightly deserving of the Track of the Week slot and is a superb example of what's been said about the group.

So kick back and pretend you're not sadly unemployed/in a grey office after a miserable bank holiday, but instead imagine you're on a beach and that the June weather is what it should be.

Keep Pop Loud

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