Monday, 7 May 2012

Track of the Week: MJ Hibbett / Pris / The Winter Olympics

The first ever three-way-tie for Track of the Week from artists we love so much we've released their music.

So much incredible music landed on the internet in the last week that there was no choice but to make this weeks top track a triple post featuring three alumni from the Keep Pop Loud CD.

MJ Hibbett – The Stores Of Not To Be
Label: House Vs Home Records
Released: 1 May

First up is MJ Hibbett continuing is characteristically phenomenal year with this stand-alone single. If you're familiar with the songs of the indiepop legend you'll know what to expect, and there's certainly comparisons to be drawn to '2000AD Nan', but in short this is just a phenomenally written song. About the things that just aren't meant to be, and the missed chances that should have been it makes you feel kind of sad but in a positive way. Another Hibbett song to help you through life in other words.

Pris – A-Bomb In White Heat
Label: ???
Released: ???
Get It: ???

Pris' return has been a while coming, but very much worth it. 'A-Bomb In White Heat' is possibly their best track yet and a world away from the girl-group aping 'Icon On A Motorbike'. Like pop, punk and new wave all thrown in together with swagger and attitude it's a real mission statement for the band. Martial drums, a slinky bassline and minimal fuss, it's exactly what you'd hope pop to be in the 21st Century.

The Winter Olympics – I Prefer The Early Stuff
Label: Freakscene Records
Released: 28 May
Get It: Church of Merch (soon)

Another group who are sounding a little different to what you might expect. The Winter Olympics have announced new single 'I Prefer The Early Stuff' which shows off their meaty rock side. Still with the pop-culture referencing lyrics that we love them for this is emotively charged (thanks to Andrew Wagstaff's vocals) but with gnarly guitar and massive hooks. It's not ll rock bluster though – the lryics will make you smile and the rhythm section work tightly to make you dance. In other words this does everything you could reasonably expect. And then some more.

If you can't wait to get ahold of all of these songs, there is still a limited amount of Keep Pop Loud compilation CDs available here. MJ Hibbett, Pris and The Winter Olympics feature alongside Glam Chops, Bordeauxxx, Dogs Die In Hot Cars and more....

Keep Pop Loud

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