Monday, 5 March 2012

Track of the Week: Taffy – So Long

Released: 21st April
Label: Club AC 30

It came from Japan

It's not deliberate, but KPL can be rather Anglo-centric at times. Great news then that some excellent new pop is coming your way from Tokyo and bringing with it the terrific sounds of a mixed gender group bashing out some artsy pop with potential for wide appeal.

Taffy recall mid-90s pop wonders such as Echobelly and Elastica in such a way that feels a culmination of their influences rather than Britpop revivalism. They've gained comparisons to The Primitives and Teenage Fanclub and are signed to the same label as Ringo Deathstarr. This is pop lineage of the finest order and heavily implies that they've the tunes to back up any praise that's heaped their way.

Debut single 'So Long' certainly hints that this is the case. With an Elastica guitar rev that paves the way for a post-punk meele with each instrument engaged in an attempt to take control. The cooly detached vocal glides over the top guiding us to the long awaited chorus. The perfect combination of agitated and melodic, sweet and scruffy it's a refreshing single the band should rightly be proud of.

'So Long' is being released on Record Store Day (21st April) with album Sunset Caramel following it on 7th May.

Head over to soundcloud to listen to this track

And a shout to the Von Pip Musical Express for bringing this to my attention.

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