Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Single Review: The Hives – Go Right Ahead

Released: 4th June
Label: Disques Hives
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2007's The Black And White Album wasn't great. It wasn't awful either – killer tracks such as 'Tick! Tick! Boom!' and 'Well... All Right!' saw to that – but it means that it's now been eight years since The Hives released an album truly worthy of mention. Although it could be argued that LPs aren't really the band's forte (Your New Favourite Band was after all a compilation) it feels like we could really do with a full set of stunners right now. An album that, like The Hives themselves is full of the true spirit of rock and roll. Something that encapsulates the stage presence, suits and steam rolling energy of The Hives.

With that in mind, 'Go Right Ahead doesn't exactly scream “CLASSIC” in yr face. But there is something special going on here.

The vocoder introduction is something of a red herring and it quickly becomes clear that Pelle and co. have left the ill-advised pop experimenting of TBAWA behind in favour of a Thin Lizzy meets The Stooges wail-athon topped off with some skronking sax. Unsurprisingly thanks to the vocals of Howlin' Pelle and the be-suited attitude that seeps through the speakers this still sounds like The Hives. And after a couple of listens the vocal hook is buried deep in yr head.

It's certainly a good start for their album campaign, although their absence during a time when the tastes of the record buying public has changed considerably means they've got a lot of work to do to regain ground. However, if we're talking just about quality then they need not worry as 'Go Right Ahead' is going to slot in fine amongst the classics come the inevitable tour and festival sets.

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