Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Runaround Kids – You'd Feel The Same

Label: Philophobia Music
Released: 16th April
Get It: Bandcamp T-shirt / Mega bundle

Loud guitar pop from Wakefield, that's as good as that other loud guitar pop from Wakefield

The Cribs are back to being good now, but there was a couple of Johnny Marr years where it felt like they'd lost it. Not that many would do differently, but it felt like they were trying to act cool and restrained in front of the guitar legend. But whilst The Cribs were at that Wakefield unleashed a new scuzzy, fuzzy rock band called Runaround Kids on the world. Their debut album Linked Arms came out last year and is being followed up with a year long release schedule that's headed by 'You'd Feel The Same'.

A song of two halves, 'You'd Feel The Same' begins with a mess of guitars, bass, drums and accented vocals, the band throwing themselves through a punk reverie. The Cribs comparisons stand for the slower moments that hark back to that trio's debut album. With memorable chants such as “I say I'm wrong / You say you're not sorry” it gets nicely stuck in the head. For the finale the song disintegrates into a Johnny Foreigner-esque spoken section before building into a massive guitar lead swell before gradually falling apart again. It's an excellent end to an exciting single.

The single is currently available as a T-shit/CDR, but for a few quid extra you can sign up for a subscription that'll see you receive loads more stuff over the course of the year including 12” split done with We Are Losers and a cassette done with The Spills. On the strength of this, it sounds worth doing if you've the cash to spare.

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