Thursday, 22 March 2012

MJ Hibbett – We're Privatising Everything

A new song from MJ Hibbett: not pro-Osbourne

Written initially as satire, in light of yesterday's budget this new MJ Hibbett track seems somewhat prescient. With the roads and the NHS joining the rail network and utility companies in being flogged to the best connected bidder, it's excellent to see a musician calling the government out. Not that they'd listen, Landley (the Beeching for the 21st Century) has proved repeatedly that listening in not on their agenda.

Anyway 'We're Privatising Everything', even with it's current affairs topic is thankfully not too heavy. Yes, it raises excellent points but does so by extrapolating current trends to ridiculous proportions, and raises several laughs on the way. Like an indiepop 10 o'clock live. With added Mars Men of Jupiter.

“The human race's history has been a sorry tale
Of mismanagement within the public sector
Millenia of mistakes which would never have occurred
With an accountable board of directors”

These sarcastic opening lyrics give you an idea of what to expect from this live recording. If you're all for privatisation then, frankly you might not find the song quite as funny but then again you're probably far too busy congratulating yourself on syphoning funds from the health service into your Mercedes fund to be reading an indiepop site.

Furthermore, the Moon Horse vs The Mars Men Of Jupiter podcast series has started over at the Moon Horse site, with the first two episodes ready for download/streaming now. 'We're Privatising Everything' is set to appear later in the podcast.

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