Friday, 23 March 2012

Glow Kit – Head Factory

Label: Alcopop! Records
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Alcopop + Denmark = Pop^2

With typical Alcopop! aplomb, their new signing Glow Kit have been described as “WAVVEs meets Futureheads meets FUCKING AWESOME!” on the label's site. Which sorta takes the fun out of it for us. After all, how do you continue a review from there?

Certainly the reference points are accurate, with 'Head Factory' holding in its grubby paws a excitable buzz that's part surf-pop and part post-punk. Nice jittery guitar parts come all from all manner of angles and help get the chorus nicely wedged in yr head. Hailing, as the band do, from Denmark there's a sense of slightly off kilter fun about them that's refreshing in a landscape full of try-hards.

In terms of the Pop! roster, despite differences in sound, Glow Kit will probably please those who miss Elephants. Looking to the wider picture, it's easy to see how they'll appeal to those for whom the guitar pop of the mid-00s was a musical delight.

There's no word yet on any Glow Kit releases as yet. But keep yr eyes peeled. And in the meantime download this.

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Anonymous said...

glow kit already has a LP out on FDH records in the USA and a Euro pressing coming soon on P.Trash records.