Thursday, 29 March 2012

EP Review: Hillary & The Democrats – Den Svenska EP

Released: 1st February
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An absolutely delightful six tracks of witty pop

There are so many funny and interesting lyrics on this six track EP by Liverpool based indiepop band Hillary And The Democrats that this review could quite easily descend into an audio transcript. Entertaining rather than overly wordy and with superb, upbeat pop tunes to back the lyrics up, H&tD are like the warm breeze that welcomes in spring.

First track 'Let's Play Kubb' appropriately has hints of Scandinavian popsters Shout Out Louds whilst singing about procrastinating with a Swedish lawn game. As on other songs there's hints of Dogs Die In Hot Cars' Craig Macintosh about the vocals with “who-oh-oh”s adding to the upbeat bounciness. Meanwhile the lyrical highlight, possibly of the entire EP, is “Now we're talking to you all / I'm breaking down that fourth wall / And just when you're getting bored we introduce a third chord”, the latter part of which accompanies said musical shift.

The Den Svenska EP is more than just a brilliant opening track however. Any one of 'Heart Beats In Binary', 'Vinaigrette' or 'Excuses, Excuses' is easily it's equal. 'Heart Beats...' for example is musically slower and sadder, recalling The Boy Least Likely to in it's playground simplicity whilst finding time for some handclaps. On the other hand 'Vinaigrette' sounds strangely like a lost classic despite it's unique lyrics about a neighbours extension.

Whilst 'Harry Nilsson' makes humerus light of the titular songwriter's shortcomings it's the aforementioned 'Excuses, Excuses' that will ultimately make you return to this EP when you want something to listen to whilst walking to the park in the sun. Acoustic guitar lead with flecks of mandolin accompaniment it's sits favourably alongside The Boy Least Likely To's more country moments and is almost guaranteed to lift the spirits.

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