Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Single Review: Katie Malco – Sad Eyes

Released: 30th January
Label: Alcopop! Records
Get It: Free Download / Buy the EP from Alcopop!

The best track from one of 2011's finest EPs. Outstandingly ace!

Although it was clear upon first seeing Katie Malco play live that she was a fantastic talent, it was last year's Katie Malco And The Slow Parade EP that cemented this fully. Of the five tracks present it was 'Sad Eyes' that made it's way the furthest into my heart and head.

So good news then, it's now available as a free download and there's a video to match.

Right from the start Katie's voice is right at the centre of the sound and delivers memorable and catchy lyrics. On the EP it sits between two much more acoustic numbers and this helps to accentuate the singles excellent pop sound. Although an acoustic guitar still drives the number it's accompanied by pianos, tambourines and multi-tracked vocals. Genuinely, this belongs on the radio and in the iPods of all discerning pop fans.

Malco's instrument of choice has seen her labelled as a folk artist, but really this is just proper indiepop. And when I find an indiepop tune that my girlfriend loves as much as I do then you can guarantee a winner. If you don't own the EP yet then download this NOW.

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