Friday, 10 February 2012

Single Review: Freeze The Atlantic - Volcanoes

Released: 5th March
Label: Alcopop! Records
Get It: Alcopop! Store

Freeze The Atlantic: making us use the word 'supergroup' since 2011

Oh, this isn't pop. Nope this is very much rock. But seeing as KPL has featured The Darkness it might as well go all in and review the new single from the Alcopop!'s soon to be massive emotive rockers. 'Volcanoes' is the first release from the band since last year's Colour By Numbers EP and has been so long in coming I'd wondered if they'd split. It's also the first taste of what's expected from their debut album which is due this year.

As this laregly falls outside of my area of expertise it's safe to say the reference points for Freeze The Atlantic are possibly somewhat lost on me. However as several of the members have their roots in the British post-hardcore scene of the early-to-mid 2000's this is a good place to start when considering their music. Propulsive and driven there's a crunch to 'Volcanoes' that doesn't come purely from turning the volume up.

Rather the kick that comes from the tight hard rock instrumentation is complimented by the emotive and strained vocals that make the single sound like a venue filler. Of particular note is the growling bass and surprisingly minimal drumming that set Freeze The Atlantic above your common-or-garden variety rock band.

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