Monday, 16 January 2012

Track of the Week: The Shins – Simple Song

A more than welcome, if somewhat delayed, return from the US Indie megastars

At. Bloody. Last. New material from The Shins. I can't be the only one who feared that it would never come.

With Broken Bells material being merely OK, there was always the possibility that James Mercer had lost the magic touch. Combine this with some big line-up changes in The Shins camp and the stage was set for disappointment. Luckily 'Simple Song' is every bit as triumphant a single as Wincing The Night Away's 'Phantom Limb', with the usual tender vocals and a sensibility turned to POP.

Wordless backing vocals and minimal sound usher the song in, but as soon as Mercer's voice joins the bouncing bassline and girl-group drums it's clear that it's The Shins and they're on form.

The slick production thankfully doesn't smother, but allows for a luxurious sound. From the electronic elements in the drumming that show their modern touch to the pianos that are sprinkled across the chorus there's more than enough to get immersed into, to pick apart and enjoy. Although the neat little guitar solo and the Super Furry-esque bridge are certainly highlights it's Mercer's voice and the accompanying harmonies that really steal the show.

If on first listen it's easy to drift off towards the end of this four minute-plus single multiple listens rectify this and get the song wedged firmly in the brain. Port Of Morrow can't arrive soon enough.

Simple Song by theshins

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