Monday, 23 January 2012

Track of the Week: The Scholars – This Heart's Built To Break

Released: 23rd January
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Pop exactly how we like it. Dramatic, ambitious and catchy

The Half Rabbits are not the only well-kept post-punk secret down in Oxford. The Scholars have been buzzing away for a while now, steadily releasing songs and EPs that have their roots in the darker rock of Interpol as well as the glam edge of Suede. All of that has now come together on their best song to date, 'This Heart's Built To Break', the video of which is unveiled today.

For anyone around in the mid-00s, The Scholars bear a similarity to The Departure. Although sadly said band disintegrated after a slightly disappointing album, in their single 'Be My Enemy' they had a certifiable classic. 'This Heart's Built To Break' is in this vein.

Getting off to an immediately racing start, the guitars accelerate off before dropping out for the introduction of the , low Bowie-esque vocal. Throbbing throughout is a Futureheads-style bass riff that hints at the band having developed with a love of similar art-pop groups as myself. The real flourish that elevates this number however is the dramatic strings, provided by Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention. It contrasts with the night-time city ambiance of the rest of the number lending a great amount of pace and scale, but at the same time does not dwarf.

Easily kicking the ass of White Lies (what ever happened to them?) this is excellent and epic indie rock that's clearly ambitious but without bowing to commercial concerns. For a free download it is essential and certain to get you interested in The Scholars.

The Scholars - This Hearts Built To Break from The Scholars on Vimeo.

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