Monday, 2 January 2012

Track of the Week: MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Theme From Dinosaur Planet

2012 is looking to be another hot year for pop music with the promise of new albums from Franz Ferdinand, Pulled Apart By Horses, Allo Darlin', Best Coast and loads of others. But first out of the blocks are two records that were originally promised for 2011, but due to various delays didn't make it out in time.

Standard Fare's Out Of Sight, Out Of Town is of course the second of these, but what better way to kick off a year then a moment of bonkers pop genius from our favourite indiepop LEGEND, MJ Hibbett?

The forthcoming Dinosaur Planet album has been described by Hibbett as "an indie War Of The Worlds" and as containing "more explosions than any other concept album ever", but there's a full review to follow. What's important now is the title track and it's eruptive aplomb.

Opening with the sound of a storm brewing, the Validators kick in following Mark's narrative introduction. As well as being as catchy as you could hope and more epic than you'd expect, (free download) 'Theme From Dinosaur Planet' also asks all of the serious questions.

"What could make a Tyrannosaur scared?"

"Could a crazy kind of love ever exist between a human and Velociraptor?"

Find out when the album lands on Janurary 23rd.

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