Friday, 6 January 2012

Single Review: You Animals – The Strangest Disease

Released: 12th September 2011
Label: Self-Released
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Despite having released the best debut album of 2011, You Animals managed to sneak this new song out at the end of last year without me noticing. The cheeky little scamps. Whilst not a single 'The Strangest Disease' is very much worth your time as it brings a different element to their sound, not present on Crimes, Creeps & Thrills.

Building from a semi-acoustic ballad to stadium-aping hugeness, 'The Strangest Disease' is even bigger than the songs from their excellent debut, albeit not as instantaneous or driven. It's different enough in sound that it's easy to see how, it missed the cut for the album from simply not fitting in. Eschewing energetic indie, powered by the combination of guitars and keyboards the foundations of the song lay in the rock realm. The purposeful drumming is bought to the fore whilst the song builds to massive peaks on Ryan's strained vocals.

It does sound huge and ambitious, but occasionally said vocals do veer into the emo territory that's usually best to avoid. This feel is exacerbated by the slick production and overall arena ambition. It's not a problem, per-say, but not what you'd necessarily expect from You Animals right now.

Still, it's likely that album #2 isn't going to appear for a while yet, and 'The Strangest Disease' is evolved and strong enough that if it points to where You Animals are headed we can expect very big things.

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