Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Single Review: Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

Safe and solid return from the aggro-bubblegum duo

With their debut album Sleigh Bells managed something approaching the impossible. The painfully hip duo completely bastardised many of the most awful sounds and techniques in contemporary pop, compressing the completed sound into within an inch of it's life to make something so borderline unlistenable it became pretty awesome. From the subtle-as-an-AT-AT distorted drums through to the bratty cheerleader chants Treats was full of magic pop moments.

So does the first taster of album number two stand up?

With Sleigh Bells clear aesthetic there's difficulty in altering what they do too much and as such 'Comeback Kid' could be accused of playing it somewhat safe. With the interest they've had and with the cash from lending songs to adverts they've been able to go for a clearer pop sound which is instantly noticeable when the drum machine on the intro isn't cranked all of the way up. Indeed it's more of an electronic song than much of their debut.

Nicely highlighting the current crossover between indie and R&B is Alexis' vocal which seems to flit between the two without changing too much. Cleaner and towards the front of the mix they also ensure that the hook is more apparent. Perhaps a sign of more confidence on the group's part. The trouble is, it feels like a safe choice to return with.

'Comeback Kid' is no 'Infinity Guitars' and is clearly an evolution from Treats. There's definitely potential to get on board those that enjoyed 'Rill Rill' or perhaps even those whose tastes veer towards the more electronic sphere. If your mind was already made up against Sleigh Bells however nothing will change. The rest of us will have to wait and see what the full length record brings before saying the band are anything other than a one album wonder.

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

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