Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Single Review: Jumping Ships – Movers And Shakers

Released: 24th January
Label: Alcopop! Records
Get It: Free Download / Buy the EP from the Alcopop! shop

Everyone likes Jumping Ships, right? 'Heart And Hope' was easily one of the best singles of last year and their EP, Standard Bearer, is a cracking slice or energetic and impassioned rock music with an ear turned to the intricate and experimental. To remind you all of it's existence the Ships and their wonderful label Alcopop! are re-releasing and giving away this free download of one of the best tracks from the EP.

Introducing itself with some odd drum work, the stabbing guitar and strained vocal join in for an enticing taster. If yr new to Jumping Ships at this point it's as good a point as any into understanding their sound. In particular the interplay between the cleaner lead guitar and more aggressive chugging rhythm one. With an excellent lead part that sounds intricate whilst un-showy and a drummer that flits easily between styles it's not hard to understand why JS are picking up fans from heavier publications such as Rock Sound.

Movers and Shakers. by jumpingships

What's crucial for this however is that these tenancies never over-take the band's capacity to write massive sounding tunes and 'Movers And Shakers' is easily one of their bigger ones. With everything working together to propel the song into a pit-friendly realm we're treated to a fist-pumping chorus and post-hardcore shouts on the backing vocals that ensure this is a memorable single.

Along with tour-mates Gunning For Tamar, and other groups such as LightGuides, Jumping Ships are signpost for where one of the best labels in the country area headed.

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