Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Single Review: The Give It Ups - Let's Be Frank / If Everything Ends

Released: 1st January
Label: Oddbox Records
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Boy/Girl indiepop with offbeat and memorable hooks. There's nothing not to like... Oh, and there's bonus points for including old Frank Grimes on the artwork.

London indiepopsters The Give It Ups are already low key DIY heroes. With their stripped back timeless pop, a penchant for geeky subject matter (they've a song about/from the perspective of Scott Pilgrim character Knives Chau) and some fab releases on Odd Box Records under their belt they're a dead cert for cult fandom in 2012.

So what better way to kick the year off then than coming right out of the blocks with a brand new single? 'Let's Be Frank' sums up all of the appeal of The Give It Ups into under two short minutes. Buzzy guitars and an odd vocal are accompanied by twee keyboards and a slightly shouty backing. It's all of the ingredients that make up classic indiepop, and makes no bones about it. Rather it's appeal lies in it's simplicity, not dissimilarly to The Lovely Eggs. And like said Eggs, the lyrics are a bit offbeat.

Starting with the title they then go through various names before ending up with "Let's be Ahab / We can get the fucking whale". For what's almost the punchline the guitars go quiet and we're left with the wobbly vocal, clacking drum sticks and the ever-present keyboard. "I'm glad that I quit work / I'm glad it didn't rain / When they give me a new job, I hope I drive a crane".

B-side 'If Everything Ends' is shorter yet, only just breaking the one minute mark. It's quieter too with more of a jangle and a slower, gradually building pace. It's lead by Cary's vocal rather than Ben and features all of the "ba-ba-ba"s and "do-do-do"s that the classic C86 numbers had. Starting with the positive, "When my favourite programme ends, I'll buy it on DVD and watch it all over again" as the track gets quicker the negativity sets in with Carys asking "If everything has to end, can we still be friends?". Well, seeing as this single ends in under three and a half minutes I think so. In fact I think that Keep Pop Loud would very much like to be friends with The Give It Ups in 2012

And if you're new to them then this should make for a rather decent introduction.

Keep Pop Loud

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