Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Single Review: Bos Angeles – Days Of Youth / Beach Slalom

Released: 21st November 2011
Label: Roundtable Records
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This is a record label you should really be keeping your eyes on over the next twelve months. The first four releases on Roundtable Records have included two singles by ace indiepopsters The History of Apple Pie, and this AA-side from future stars Bos Angeles.

Marked out from the lo-fi pack through their excellent name, better tunes, Springsteen referencing artwork and the feel that they could actually go the distance and release a decent album, there's already excitement building around the trio based on songs such as these two. And it's unsurprising really. Although at a stretch you could link their sound to the revival of early '90s indie rock, or possibly the more organic elements of the 'chillwave' (*shudder*) scene thanks to their unsettling and hazy textures Bos Angeles are really their own band.

With first song 'Days Of Youth' their sonic template is set out with ringing surf guitars and Phil Spector drums. This is before everything kicks in with a drawled vocal sounding as though it's leading the band from down a wind tunnel. It extracts Sonic Youth's noisy pop from the aggressive mould in a similar way to The Go! Team, but with the aforementioned cut-and-paste replaced with “wooo-wooo-hooos” and and a stripped down aesthetic.

But for all the sludginess of 'Days Of Youth', 'Beach Slalom' manages to blow it away. An earthy bass riff gallops around alongside the tinny guitars whilst the splashes on cymbals and distorted drums smash away underneath. The vocal maintains a disinterested tone as if to keep itself from falling apart and the whole track comes together with a delightful sense of melancholic defeat and coastal loneliness.

Although they hail from Bournemouth it's unlikey that Bos Angeles will stay hidden down there for much longer. Expect to hear the name again on Keep Pop Loud before very long at all.

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