Monday, 12 December 2011

Track of the Year: The Go! Team - Buy Nothing Day

(There will be no End of Year list of tracks/songs this year due to the release of a compilation on Keep Pop Loud Records and the conflict of interests that could be assumed)

The fifteen songs from the Keep Pop Loud CD aside there has been three songs this year that have really stood out as being both the highlights and the soundtrack. The first of these was a Track of the Week in November 2010 when it was originally released as a single (Read: Tellison 'Collarbone'). The second I have already written at length about (Read: British Sea Power - 'Who's In Control?'). But even so, of the three 'Buy Nothing Day' by The Go! Team comes out on top.

The Go! Team released their third album Rolling Blackouts right at the beginning of the year, and it was clear from even first listen that 'Buy Nothing Day', with vocals supplied by Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, was the highlight. Nothing could more sum up what I love about and want from pop music. In truth there has never been any doubt that this would end up as the Single Of The Year.

Despite many layers and noises, it's distinctly a pop song. Beth's vocals lending it a '60s pop feel, whilst the guitars recall underground noise-pop artists. The jangles and cymbol splashes mean that it feels slightly wintery, but in such a way to make sense in the height of the summer. The melody is fantastic and the recording flawless. Just a perfect song really.

Keep Pop Loud

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