Monday, 19 December 2011

Track of the Week: Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler – Home For The Holidays

With so many new festive tunes coming our way this year it's difficult to know which way to turn. There's a Pop Drop coming later in the week of the ones that didn't quite make this slot, which is to say that this week's top track is what I reckon to be the greatest Christmas track of 2011.

It's not surprising to see that indie power-couple Emmmy The Great & Tim Wheeler have collaborated, the proof that their voices complemented each other perfectly was evident on last year's acoustic version of Ash song 'Tracers'. What is surprising is how good their Christmas album is. There's a full review coming later in the week, but for now the focus in on the utter highlight of This Is Christmas – 'Home For The Holidays'

Without any cloying cheer, 'Home For The Holidays' encapsulates perfectly the Christmas liminal period, where visiting the family provides respite from the hard-ships of the year, but also time to reflect on life going wrong. Through the eyes of teenage sweethearts we see the one who never made it out of the hometown eager to see the one that got away and the pair to reminisce about how it could have been.

Whether or not you've something similar to go home to, it's easy to relate to the nostalgia that comes with taking time out at Christmas, and there's more accurate depiction of the season for the 20/30 somethings in the line “Did you ever write that book? / Did you ever make it out of here?” than you'll ever find in a number by Slade, Wizzard or Wham!.

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