Monday, 5 December 2011

Track of the Week: Darren Hayman - Photos Like Postcards

It's been a incredibly prolific year for the former Hefner frontman. With a song a day in January, full length album The Ship's Piano, working with The Wave Pictures and curating this advent calender, it's a wonder he's had the time to sort out a reissue of his old band's last album and get together an EP of Christmas themed songs.

It's from this EP, Christmas In Hawoth, that 'Photos Like Postcards is taken and is, in my opinion, the highlight.

As the video below suggests, whilst there is a Chrismassy feel to the gentle track, the overriding imagery is focused on the harshness of the winter months and beauty that it can bring with it. By not being explicitly about Xmas it has a much longer and wider appeal and makes me simply want to curl up in front of the fire. It's just gorgeous.

Photos Like Postcards from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

You can purchase the EP from BandCamp on one of my favourite formats - 10" vinyl. As well as coming with a download code there's a recipe for Christmas Cake and "a tea bag of loose leaf lapsang souchong" that comes with it. But you'll have to be fairly quick as the run is limited to 300 and they're already mostly gone.

Keep Pop Loud

As a side note: if more artists and bands operated like Darren Hayman in terms of productivity, creativity and in interacting with his fans then we'd soon stop hearing about the "Death of CDs/music/etc".

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