Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive Pop Drop

There has been so many Christmas tunes this year that a post hoping to catalogue even a percentage of the relevant DIY-Pop would take until New Years to read. But even so, just covering the Tim Wheeler / Emmy the Great album isn't going to cut it. So without further ado, here's some of the festive pop tunes that have been getting spins at KPL Towers.

First up there's the song that MJ Hibbett & The Validators have recorded for Mr Darren Hayman's Christmas In Haworth advent calender. Entitled 'Thank Goodness For Christmas' it's a bit rough around the edges, but contains the entirely agreeable sentiment that the festive season has appeared just when we need it most - right in the middle of the darkest and coldest time on the calender. Weather or not you agree with seeing corporately coloured Santas and advertising everywhere, you can't deny that sometimes you just need a break from work.

Mr Hibbett isn't the only KPL approved artists to have got in on this advent calender though. Standard Fare's ├╝ber talented singer Emma Kupa has recorded a song called 'Channua' to tie in with Channuka. Nice and acoustic, it's rare that we get a festive song from a different sphere and any song with Emma's vocal is guarenteed to be worth a listen.

Tellison now. With The Wages Of Fear being easily one of the best albums from 2011, it's good to hear something new from them to close the year. A stipped back recording, there's not an awful lot going on, but Good Luck It's Christmas is a pleasant and tender downbeat song.

On the fuzzier side of things there's 'I Want You Back (For Christmas)' from Dublin based indie-popsters September Girls and The #1s. September Girls (who used to be Talulah Does The Hula) formed from the ashes of incredible forgotten pop band The Chalets and are worthy of note on that basis alone. What's more interesting is that this is a great little catchy ditty that'll be stuck in yr heard for ages.

On a much crisper note, Sunturns have recorded a double A side that's available to stream thanks to the ace chaps at Lazy Acre Records. A Norwegian indiepop gang who are "dedicated 100 percent to the joys and frustrations of CHRISTMAS", have members who are otherwise in groups including mylittlepony, Little Hands Of Asphalt and Honeytraps.
With a busy heart-warming sound and a myriad of influences it sounds just like taking shelter in a really good pub when it's dark and cold outside.

Sunturns - Christmas Is Here / Season Cyclics by lazyacrerecords

One of my favourite Christmas songs now. Covered.
Originally by The Long Blondes, The Vichy Government have had a crack at it, with their trademark spoken word vocals and cheap keyboards. They fit in a cheeky Pulp reference and get a bit aggressive towards the end but is essential Christmas listening and available for free download along a Vichy Government version of 'Stop The Cavalry' and an Eddie Argos/Keith TOTP take on Cliff Richard (as well as MANY MORE) from the Filthy Little Angels site.

And last of all we'll return to Paintings Of Ships. The band gave us an amazing single early in 2011 with 'Love Will Always Follow You Around' and now have a festive track that you can listen to right here. 'Forward Planning' is much more subdued than their previous number but with gentle bells and the bare bones of indiepop it's like sitting by an open fire after a hard day preparing for Xmas. It's good to hear from them again.

Merry Christmas
Keep Pop Loud

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