Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Best of 2011 - Top Five EPs

As each year passes it becomes increasingly feasible to enjoy, across the spectrum, as an artistic work without having to invest the time in a full album. EPs are certainly the dominant force in the DIY indiepop sphere, and we've seen many bands release cracking little statements of indent that have captivated, intrigued and enthralled. The album is not, and never will be, dead but there's more than one way to go about releasing a cohesive and complete piece of work.

Where most of the best albums in 2011 came from better established or more successful acts, this list of EPs acts as a showcase for some of the newer and more underground acts that have soundtracked 2011 at KPL Towers.

#5 Johnny ForeignerCertain Songs Are Cursed
It would get a placing on this list if only for coming on a frisbee. That its the perfect precursor to JoFo's most ambitious album yet ensures that the songs live up to the format of its distribution.
Key Track: 'Johnny Foreigner Vs You' (Cursed Version)
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#4 Among BrothersHomes
The first KPL review of the year and an introduction to Barely Regal Records. Among Brothers even landed a slot on the KPL CD. This EP is a remarkable achievement and a very promising start to their career.
Key Track: 'Bare Teeth'
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#3 The Half RabbitsOptimists
Another unbelievable find, Optimists breathes fresh life into 2011 post-punk. Smart and arty and with tunes to spare, it needs to be heard. Another band that was snapped up for the Keep Pop Loud compilation.
Key Track: 'Gasoline'
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#2 Katie MalcoKatie Malco & The Slow Parade
Just missing out on the top spot to another Alcopop! release, Katie Malco & The Slow Parade only really suffers in comparison to #1 from being much newer, and therefore having less time spent with it. A great talent.
Key Track: 'Sad Eyes'
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#1 ElephantsI Won't Forget You, You Won't Forget Me
As the title suggests, this closing statement from the Alcopop! band is unforgettable. I've been returning to it all year and will continue to do so. I've nothing more to add than I've already said.
Key Track: 'Little Thoughts'
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