Monday, 7 November 2011

Track of the Week: Johnny Foreigner - 200X

The past week has been a clusterfuck of PoP releases. Both Los Campesinos! latest Hello Sadness and Johnny Foreigner's eagerly anticipated Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything dropped onto the doormat at KPL Towers. Both in extraordinarily sexy bundles. Lovely stuff.

Thus far the record that's been spinning between my ears most isJohnny Foreigner Vs Everything and this week's top track reflects this. Whilst it's early days at the moment it feels like it could be the album of the year and early highlight 200X sounds like it could be the nearest JoFo have got yet to replicating the awe-inspiring heights of 'Salt Peppa & Spinderella'. Saying that '200X' doesn't seem set to be a live behemoth in this vein, as down-beat as it is.

As you can listen (and watch) there's little point in hosting a description of the sound. Brilliant. Special. Life affirming. Johnny Foreigner.

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