Monday, 28 November 2011

Track of the Week: Edwyn Collins - Down The Line

Dangerously close to being the greatest pop star that Britain has ever produced, it's always wonderful to hear something new from Edwyn Collins. Last year's Losing Sleep managed to showcase the breadth of what the man is still capable of, after a career that's been going for 35 years.

Now it appears there's another record on the horizon, and as a teaser (and excuse to release an iTunes compilation of singles) a new song has been unveiled. And it's gorgeous.

EDWYN COLLINS - Down The Line by Analogue Enhanced Digital

With a slight country tinge, 'Down The Line' is far removed from 'Blue Boy' or any of the other tracks that made Orange Juice so hugely influential. However as it's a cousin to moments such as 'North Of Heaven' or 'Searching For The Truth' it has a place in the superb body of work that Collins has built up over the years, and more than likely a place in the hearts of any discerning indiepop fan.

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