Monday, 3 October 2011

Track of the Week: Two Wounded Birds - Together Forever

To describe 'Together Forever' as "a blast of youthful exuberance with fuzzy hooks at every turn, that points as much to rock and roll's past as it does to the mainstream future of indiepop" probably won't do it much favour. It will also make me sound like I write for the NME. However, it is an accurate description of the new Two Wounded Birds single. Another accurate description would be for me to say

It sounds like Ramones

Because it really does

Like the Ramones, Two Wounded Birds (and singer Johnny Danger in particular) are informed by an in depth knowledge of the history of pop music. This results in a single that's instantly memorable, youthful and fun. It makes you want to jump in piles of Autumn leaves or swagger around with a bass guitar.

Along with The History Of Apple Pie, Two Wounded Birds are the band most likely to take our version of indiepop towards the alternative mainstream. This may well mean that in six months time over-NME-exposure will mean that we don't give a hoot about the Birds. But right now this is GREAT!

'Together Forever' is out on Moshi Moshi Records soon.

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