Monday, 24 October 2011

Track of the Week: Standard Fare - Darth Vader

There's a lot of love for Standard Fare at KPL Towers, nearly as much as there is at Hibbett HQ ("THIS is a band with LOADS of TUNES"). But this shouldn't come as a surprise, Standard Fare are a proper modern indiepop band with excellent musical chops, and that's enough in itself to make me wrap my ears around any new material with excitement. But the fact that the song debuted this week has a big old Star Wars reference... well you couldn't keep me away.

But don't worry, it's not actually about Star Wars ('Darth Vader', as a title, makes sense in terms of the excellent opening lyrics) and musically it's a noticeable evolution from their debut album. Slower and more confident in itself. The three piece sound is bolstered by the additional instrumentation (violin and trumpet) that's supplied by members of One Happy Island and Nat Johnson & The Figureahds and brings the sound towards Los Campesinos! territory.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Town the forthcoming second album on which 'Darth Vader' is to feature is out on Melodic Records on December 12th. With the band now working with a label based outside their home city (The Noyelle Beat came out on ACE Sheffield label Thee SPC) it's hopeful that some more recognition should come their way.

Although sadly with their album coming out this late in the year it seems destined to be missed off many End of Year lists (The Fly have already compiled theirs it seems). But with Standard Fare, Los Camp! and Johnny Foreigner still to come it seems 2011 has saved the best for last.

Listen to 'Darth Vader' at This Is Fake DIY

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