Monday, 10 October 2011

Track of the Week: Asobi Seksu - Little House Of Savages

Since the re-vamp and indiepop focus Keep Pop Loud has been unforgivably neglectful of music from outside of the borders of the UK. Great if you're an Anglophile, but not so fantastic if you've an international appreciation of The Pop.

Specialising in the swooning 'dreampop' variety of indiepop is Asobi Seksu, who I have to admit have passed completely under my radar until this past week. With five albums under their belt there's no justifiable reason why this should be so, as by all accounts they've very much the sort of thing KPL is here to champion. Dense swirly shoegaze pop that pre-dates Ringo Deathstarr by far and takes influence from legends such as Galaxie 500.

Strange then that the two piece from New York had to cover The Walkmen to grab my attention.

As with all great covers, this version of 'Little House Of Savages' puts a fresh mark over the song, whilst retaining it's spirit. It's distinctly Asobi Seksu and guarantees that you'll not hear the original in quite the same way again. The revving guitars echo those of the original, whilst Yuki Chikudate's vocals float over maelstrom of sound. The moments where the drums don't come back in to meet the bass are truly terrific, in a floor-dropping-out way. And the minute from the uplift to the crackling climax is amongst the best of the year.

You can download 'Little House Of Savages' from RCRD LBL for free. And you should. If (like it has with me) you find that it piqued yr interest in Asobi Seksu you can find out what you need at their website.

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