Friday, 21 October 2011

EP Review: My Pet Monster - Soundtracks

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How one thing leads to another. I can't feature a band on Keep Pop Loud without hearing from another, and although I do try and listen to as many as I can it's inevitable that some slip through the net. My Pet Monster stand out however, having got in touch following on from the Joanna Gruesome EP review.

Although they sound little alike; both My Pet Monster and Joanna Gruesome hail from Cardiff, have self-released these EPs on Bandcamp and, broadly-speaking, fit into the lo-fi category. Whereas JG specialise in a more traditional indiepop MPM are much closer to what you'd think of as a 'noise pop' act with their listed influences reflecting as such (Sonic Youth, No Age, Times New Viking etc). But it's not all noise; their ear for a hook and willingness to deploy is demonstrative of a healthy influence from The Cribs.

Track One on the free download opens with a sound that's akin to the artowrk. A cross between static and distant roaring waves, it paves the way for some slacker, Copy Haho-esque guitar work. Titled 'TheDanielWall' it's covered in a No Age fuzz with vocals that have the same American ring as Yuck. At over four minutes, 'TheDanielWall' is arguably a little overlong, but doesn't drag – after all this is only the band's first number.

With 'Radio' and 'Soundtracks' largely delivering the same kicked back distorted pop noise – solidly, but without too much surprise – it's closer 'Whatdafugbug' that deals the real puch, being by far the best song on Soundtracks. A bit slacker, a bit rock and roll and all fuzzy it opens with a sample and kicks straight into gear. A Cribs-meets-Strokes riff adds to the feel of abandon and the quicker pace means ensures that it's exactly the sort of song that you can feel yourself singing along to loudly at a gig. Good stuff in other words.

Yes, there's a lot of clear reference points at this early stage in the life of the band. It's easy to draw a direct line to their influences and given the time and chance it's something they may transcend. However, as their influences are impeccable and well combined it's churlish to slate them based on this. My Pet Monster have songs – good ones – and for now that's more than enough.

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