Thursday, 13 October 2011

EP Review : The Dancers – New Chemistry

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Let's not beat around the bush. The Dancers Twitter profile half-jokingly describes them as “the pop band you've been searching for years”. And before we go any further, I'll be honest and say that this is about right. New Chemistry is a six song EP that's got the biggest catchiest choruses since The Wombats and delivers them with the slick new-wave cool of Phoenix. If you like pop, I mean genuinely like POP then The Dancers are for you

It's both odd and completely appropriate that The Dancers have just finished a tour with The Subways. Where their sounds are completely different there's some core similarities. Both are trios of two boys and a girl and both are brimming with the youthful exuberance that makes music as fun to listen to as it sounds like it was to make.

There's something to recommend every song. Each has a disjunctive flavour that gives away this EP's intention – showing the world what The Dancers have to offer.

Opener 'Eyes Closed' is all jerky guitars and disco grooves that's covered in boy-girl vocals. If Alphabeat's second album had got anywhere close to this then they'd be the best pop act in the world right now, no question. 'Running' on the other hand is more of a post-punky number with a throbbing bass riff underpinned by glistening keyboards and a chorus that YCHISMB-era Franz Ferdinand would arch an eyebrow in appreciation of.

Elsewhere they prove that they can add more traditional indiepop elements - jangly guitars, handclaps, chorus that you know every word to by the second play - to their template (see 'Dancing Game') or keep it really simple – 'Lights' in it's rhythm and structure recalls 'Raoul' by The Automatic and 'Not A Wanker' is a sweary gem that would have been a Top 40 hit in the mid-00s. In all it's hard to pick a favourite. I said there's different flavours and you really do feel like a child in a sweet shop. If pushed I might well go for 'Dirty Evening', a song where they keyboards are allowed to dominate and usher in a 'driving at night' feel. There's some lovely adolescent yearning and nostalgic glamour that twinkles like light from a mirrorball. Lovely.

So many references then, but that's what happens when you sit and pick apart something that's as instantaneous as this. It recalls all the good time that you've had with fun music. This is easily accessible and mighty fun. Given the chance these three could get really big.... So are they the band you've been looking for then..?

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