Tuesday, 11 October 2011

EP Review: Bonjour - Motivational Suicide

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Fans of Johnny Foreigner rejoice. Bonjour are a band from Philadeplia that sound a little bit like our Brummie heroes, with a little bit of those other pop scamps Mazes thrown in for good measure. What's not to like? Their downloadable EP Motivational Sucicide is available now, and an excellent demonstration of how 'fight-pop' has translated rather well over to the other side of the pond.

'I Tried It I Liked It' may open with a brief moment of Arcade Fire like epic, but this is merely misinformation as guitars and straining vocals come a-crashing in. The song itself is a crashing of guitars and drums that could instrumentally pass for JoFo's more straightforward earlier moments. There's multiple vocal parts that overlap and threaten to confuse each other and the general air of a band that are at once tight and threatening to fall apart.

All of which are things that I'm pretty sure I've said about JoFo before. And I'm sorry to keep making the same comparisons, but take a listen to the above embed and tell me I'm wrong. It'd be easy to read JoFo as an influence on these guys, as would it to draw links to Hot Club de Paris (see the zinging guitar lines that spiral all over each other on 'Football Hero') and The Blood Brothers (the yelped vocals over the more aggressively punk 'Trenton Makes The World Baked'), but in all likelihood it's that we're living in a realm of ever decreasing circles where lots of bands are drawing from fairly similar influences. Either way, Motivational Suicide is certainly worth your time if any of the above comparisons take your fancy.

After all, the EP is barely over 10 minutes long and in that time traverses all of the above as well as the slacker punk of 'Many Things Are Destroying Me'. With more of a jangle and a looser grip on the reigns it's bit freer in itself and with the emo leaning vocal the potential to bring in a different audience - all the while packing a kick.

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