Monday, 26 September 2011

Track of the Week (Part 2): Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes

I was asked in an interview recently why it is that Keep Pop Loud focuses on indiepop. Well, there's no easy answer to that, but one key reason would be that it has always formed to core of what I've listened to, it's the music that I enjoy the most and it's where I find solace.

Noise is great, although I tend to go there when I'm feeling upbeat. When I'm glum, as today I can only really smother myself in something with a gut-wrenchingly beautiful melody. Preferably something with yearning lyrics. And more than likely something with a lady singing on.

At various points in my life I've become immersed in albums by The Pipettes and Those Dancing Days when feeling this way, and I daresay unless my employment situation improves somewhat Only In Dreams (the second album from Dum Dum Girls and the record that 'Bedroom Eyes' is lifted from) will join these ranks. But then again, 'Bedroom Eyes' is so wonderful, so life-affirming, so fucking amazing, that it's almost worth feeling shit, so that in the long run such a wonderful song can mean that bit more.


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