Monday, 12 September 2011

Track of the Week: MJ Hibbett – 2000AD Nan

It's no secret that MJ Hibbett is one of the all time favourite songwriters at KPL Towers. If you're reading this and somehow haven't heard the incredible album We Validate! then you can be excused from reading the rest of this to go and buy yourself a copy.

This means that all of you now know who MJ Hibbett is and no more introductions are needed for this indiepop legend.

Well, I'm absolutely chuffed here to bring you an exclusive new MJ Hibbett song, '2000AD Nan' that you can buy from us on the Keep Pop Loud CD... which is released TODAY!

But rather than me banging on about the track I'll give you some words that Mark himself has written on his own blog, regarding it's inception and meaning.

“A few years ago there was a spate of very similar letters appearing in the 2000AD letters page, from people who wished to pay tribute to their NANS. All over the world there were, and doubtless still are, people whose Nans had bought them their regular weekly comic as a special treat, and had then kept doing it when they left home. People talked about Nans stockpiling back issues until their next visit, or sending them all around the world, with the exchange becoming a constant symbol of their relationship. As 2000AD readers move into their thirties and forties the league of Nans gently declined in number, and it really touched me to think of all these lovely relationships which had, as a small but vital part, an incredibly violent, anarchic slice of weekly punk rock.

It probably helped that my own early comic buying years had involved my Nans - Nan Bertie used to get me The Beano (which I read while she read The Weekly News) and Nan Bike gave me the pocket money which bought Whizzer and Chips, Starlord and then 2000AD. I stirred in my own story to all the other stories I'd read and came up with some words which, invariably, got me a bit weepy whenever I sang them.”

So to get your hands on this BRAND NEW MJ Hibbett song, go and pick up a copy of the Keep Pop Loud CD

It's only £5 for 15 songs. Limited to 100 copies and comes in a sleeve made from second hand clothes!

03 2000AD Nan - MJ Hibbett by Keep Pop Loud

To read more about the other bands involved (including Dogs Die In Hot Cars, Art Brut's Eddie Argos and The Winter Olympics) go here!  

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