Monday, 5 September 2011

Track of the Week: Johnny Foreigner - (Don’t) Show Us Yr Fangs

It's safe to say that this autumn/winter looks set to be the best season for new releases in recent memory. With Grouplove and LightGuides already out of the blocks and Jumping Ships, Slow Club, Howling Bells, Mastodon, Nicola Roberts, Dum Dum Girls and Scroobius Pip all putting new records out there's going to more quality pop than you can shake a stick at across September/October. But by and far the forthcoming releases that are most exciting KPL Towers are albums no. 3 from Los Campesinos! and Johnny Foreigner.

Although Los Camp! were the first to announce details (and a rather tasty pre-order bundle), it's JoFo who've made tasters available first with this new single - available from Alcopop!

The double-A-side '(Don’t) Show Us Yr Fangs'/ 'The Hand That Slaps You Back' comes as a limited edition sticker and download, which is more than pretty cool in itself (there's a competition too, regarding the stickers!) but the real treat is the music that Johnny Foreigner have brewed this time around.

Although 'The Hand That Slaps You Back' is perhaps more what casual fans might expect from the band (razor sharp guitars, shouting, awesomeness), '(Don't) Show Us Yr Fangs' is one of the real beauties that keeps everyone coming back and devoting themselves to Johnny Foreigner.

Of new album Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything Alexei has said "it sounds perfect. it sounds like a huge expansive sprawling ambitious and personal version of us. it sounds like we do in our heads." Which apparently means that they sound in their heads even better than they do in mine. '...Yr Fangs' has a beautiful build up from delicate picking and careful drums to a fuzzy guitar driven climax that's affecting and gorgeous and ... well, everything you could want. It's a huge step up, even for the band that delivered the you thought you saw.. EP.

This album, due on November 7th could be the best thing Johnny Foreigner have ever done.

Johnny Foreigner - (don't) show us ur fangs by alcopop

Oh, and the digital artwork is sublime...

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