Monday, 19 September 2011

Track of the Week: Big Wave - Wild Strawberries

If you're wondering (quite rightly) why it is that utterly sublime releases by Dum Dum Girls and Los Campesinos! have yet to attain Track of the Week status then it's probably down to them coming my way early in the week and therefore too late to take this slot. Plus you've already heard them anyway.

Hopefully this week's top pick is something that you won't have come across however. It's by a band called Big Wave and is available on an excellent compilation on Art Is Hard Records. But you can listen to it right now.

'Wild Strawberries' sounds like it's been unearthed from a time capsule. A long forgotten gem from the eighties when indiepop was all new. Not retro or contrived it's simply a sweet and pure piece of pop music. Stripped to its bare bones the song could have just as easily crept out of the 1950's with "ba-ba-ba-baa"s and a gently woozy melody.

Big Wave hail from Devon and can be found on said aforementioned compilation. Titled Dry Route To Devon the release comes with a lovely screen printed map with embedded QR codes that allow you to listen on yr smart phone. It's an innovative idea if ever there was one, and KPL will be brining you a full review of the compilation during the week.

In the meantime if you want to delve into the waters beforehand, Big Wave is absolutely perfect for you to be getting on with.

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