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"Spread the indie butter on the toast of love" a chat with Bordeauxxx

You might have noticed that Keep Pop Loud has a CD out. It's fifteen of the finest slices of pop madness that we've heard over the past year, and in order to persuade you to part with (only) five of your hard-earned pounds we're catching up with some of the acts that feature.

So far you'll have heard the contributions from The Winter Olympics, MJ Hibbett and Glam Chops. Hopefully you'll also have seen our Kidnapper Bell interview. Today however it's the turn of ace indiepopsters Bordeauxxx to run through some of the KPL questions.

...and it seems that they've had a bit fun with the answers...

So then, to start with can you introduce the band for anyone who might not know?

- Martin: We're four boys and a girl in a pop group called Bordeauxxx

- Nat: Jon is hairy, Charlie is a cat, Martin has the tiny eyes, Amy is apparently a female and I'm the charming one with the massive willy

- Jon: Nat is the one who comes across drunk in interviews.

How did Bordeauxxx come about and how long have you been going?

- Jon: We all met at Uni, and we've been going just over a year and a half. Me, Martin, Amy and Nat were thinking of starting a band, and then Amy got drunk and invited Charlie to join because he had cool hair.

- Martin: I was in the toilet at the time, and when I got back I thought she'd pulled.

The song on the Keep Pop Loud CD is 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster', is there anything about that song you can tell us that we don't already know?

- Nat: If you play it backwards it's actually an old episode of Changing Rooms

- Martin: From conception to completion it actually took us almost a year to write - finding a structure that worked was difficult with this song. You think with all that time, I'd have managed to get some decent lyrics done too, but they were still being chopped and changed right up until I was actually in the vocal booth. Luckily I think I stuck with a good set... Also, Changing Rooms.

- Amy: It’s my favourite song we have written so far!

- Jon: One of the vocal takes that got left on the cutting room floor includes me overdoing the shouty bits and ending up sounding like Chewbacca...

Every Holiday Is A Disaster by bordeauxxx

You've been self-releasing in the past. How has that been working out and would you ever consider working with a label?
- Jon: I think our music video for Heartstrings is something that I'm really proud of, since it literally cost us £16 (inside scoop: we spent all of that on balloons). Having no label support or budget means we have to work harder and be smarter, and I think those are good things for any creative project.

- Martin: Our EP has been out about a year now, and I think we're all surprised at how well it's done. We do enjoy the whole DIY thing and how personal it is - though it's tough work. If we were fortunate enough to be offered a label release of our next EP then we'd welcome it with open arms! Especially Amy...

Amy: Yeah, being the Bordeauxxx CD making and distributing factory is pretty demanding so some help on that front would definitely be appreciated!

There's a lot of really exciting stuff going off in the pop underground at the moment. Lots of bands doing lots of different things. Is it a good time to be in a group right now?

- Nat: No, cos back in the day, before I existed, you could probably just say 'I'm in a band' and get loads of chicks, and not even feel bad about it. Now if you say that you sound like a nobhead.

- Martin: Chandler Bing to Rachel Green "I go to college, AND, I'm in a band". It worked.

- Charlie: Try going to Brighton and saying you're in a band. Chances are you're talking to someone who is also in a band, or knows someone that's in a band that are more famous than you.

- Jon: I think it's a great time to be in a band, mostly because it's a fucking terrible time to be alive. If you can channel all of your social-networking-derived-longing and recession inspired ennui into something that actually resonates with other people (instead of just being 'that guy who complains about everything') then it's a good time to be making art.

Who is your favourite Pop Star?

- Nat: In the TV show Popstars my fave was Noel cos he had a nice face and a funny mum, though I fancied Suzanne.

- Martin: Danny, cos he loved his nan. Also Darius because everyone hated him for a while, then he cut his hair and became really good.

- Charlie: I never watched it. I feel like I missed out now.

Is there any gossip that you can let us in on?

- Amy: living with 3 out of 4 of the guys last year made for interesting housemates but I daren’t share any of their strange antics for fear of being kicked out of the band…

- Charlie: I heard Martin and Amy got off once?

- Jon: I heard Martin and Nat got off once…

- Martin: Not usually one to kiss and tell, but I'm working my way around the band.

- Nat: Did you know there's actually a place in France called Bordeaux?!?!?

What's next on the cards for Bordeauxxx?

- Martin: EP 2 and as much gigging as possible! I love visiting new towns for shows, we're currently planning a tour, so hopefully that happens so we get to go exploring in different jungles every day...

- Amy: Yeah I am super excited to record again, and getting some new music out to shove in peoples ears!

- Charlie: I still have one more year of university to plough through. But band is a high priority too! I just want to get a decent grade as well..

Is there anything you want to achieve with the band long term, or are you just happy taking each thing as it comes?

- Martin: As long as people listen, we'll be out there playing. I guess it's lucky that we're getting the chance to gig at such an exciting time for pop, and to be involved with such rad shows. We've been fortunate enough to share the stage with loads of bands we admire already... I think onwards and upwards is the plan, and it'll be fun seeing where we end up and who we get to meet.

- Nat: I want us to create a whole new genre of music that somehow physically reduces the atmosphere's concentration of greenhouse gases with each play.

- Charlie: That's so Nat.

- Amy: As much as Nat’s idea could potentially save the planet I do feel it is a little out of reach… but yeah what Martin said, ha.

- Jon: The environment can look after itself. I want to write my name on a hot girl's boobs without getting slapped in the face.

Why should fans of Bordeauxxx buy the Keep Pop Loud compilation CD?

- Martin: Glam Chops

- Nat: Cos spending money is good for the economy.

- Amy: To spread the indie butter on the toast of love.

- Charlie: Cos now putting a CD in a CD player and listening to it is well retro and cool and so you should probably do it.

- Jon: So they can check the tracklisting on the back whenever they forget how to spell our band's name.



So there you have it. Bordeauxxx join all of the aforementioned talent (plus others including Pocket Satellite, Dogs Die In Hot Cars and Pris) on the Keep Pop Loud CD, that if you feel so inclined (and we'd be ever-so-grateful) you can buy from the KPL store.

If it's any extra incentive the artwork features cats! Look > >

Keep Pop Loud

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