Monday, 8 August 2011

Track Of The Week: This Many Boyfriends - Young Lovers Go Pop!

This appeared a couple of weeks ago, but there's much worse in the world than being a little late in saying that This Many Boyfriends are super!

If you're short on time simply look at the band name and song title. That'll tell you why why 'Young Lovers Go Pop!' is Track Of The Week. On Steve Lamacq's Round Table one of the chaps from The Crookes described the band as being "slightly worse" than Los Campesinos!. Especially as he said that he's not a fan of the latter it's a bit of a silly thing to say. Yes, there's definitely a link there between the two groups, with the exclamation marks and all, but if nothing else there's a fuzzy robustness and feel of unpretentious giddy thrills that (early) LC! never achieved.

As you'll have seen, I often take a very broad approach to what I refer to as 'indiepop' on Keep Pop Loud. But this time, with This Many Boyfriends I can point to something that is the very epitome of the subgenre/style done exactly right. It's music that makes yr heart skip a beat. It is "oo-oo-ohh-ohhh-oh-oh"s that you have to sing along to with a broad grin on yr face. It is choruses that make you pogo and verses that make you shuffle around the dancefloor in an uncordinated fashion.

But it's not ace because it plays by the rulebook. It's ace because This Many Boyfriends have their hearts in the right place and tunes to spare, and if that and 'Young Lovers...' isn't good enough for you, well my friend you've missed the point of pop music.

'Young Lovers Go Pop!' is released on Angular Records on 22nd August

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