Monday, 15 August 2011

Track Of The Week: Race Horses – Benidorm

In Fopp recently Mrs KPL and I were browsing the £3 section when she came across Goodbye Falkenberg, the debut album from Race Horses. Aside from my vague recollection that someone had said something positive about them (did they get album of the month in Artrocker or something?) I knew nothing about them. But based on the artwork, Mrs KPL took a gamble and picked up the CD.

Lo-and-behold it turns out that Race Horses are rather ace, and with new free download 'Benidorm' more and more folk are starting to take notice. Which is rather good timing. For not only is their coming into my life fresh in my mind, but their Super Furry Animals-esque twinkly pop is super for the lovely summer that keeps threatening to break out, and as August is rapidly coming to an end, their futile protest that wishes to extend the summer by staying on holiday really strikes home.

Like all of the best summer pop songs 'Benidorm' is all happy on the surface but full of sadness and nostalgia underneath. We all know summers are never what they're supposed to be (or as they were when we were kids), and this damp squib of one is no different. But by wrapping the song up in a Mystery Jets bounce and with flourishes that recall both The Beach Boys and Friendly Fires, Race Horses can pretend for a moment that they're really going to live that life forever.

There's a naive quality to Race Horses that I really like, and that endears them massively to Mrs KPL. It's a unpretentiousness that ensures that as much as they're capable of having an emotional impact, it's never forced through by over-seriousness. Instead they feel infectiously honest and by allowing dafter moments like 'Cake' fit snugly alongside proper indiepop tykes such as The Boy Least Likely to, despite the gulf in sonic similarities.


More than just worthy of Track of the Week, 'Benidorm' will be the moment you take Race Horses into your heart.

Head over to Fantastic Plastic's Soundcloud page for more Free MP3s from Race Horses, The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, Ikara Colt and something from the early days of The Futureheads.

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