Monday, 29 August 2011

Track of the Week: Kutosis – Shadows

In a break from talking about the (rather brilliant) Keep Pop Loud CD, this Track of the Week comes from our (other) favourite young record label – Barely Regal Records and their new signings Kutosis.

Like the label the three-piece band (consisting of Ian Jones (vocals/guitar), James Deacon (bass/vocals) and Ben Isaacs (drums/vocals)) are based in Cardiff and have previously been witnessed on Barely Regal's Zero Years Of... compilation. This new single however, from their forthcoming album, is their first full release together and by all accounts a match made in heaven.

With Barely Regal's admirable dedication to physical product they're putting out a very limited edition cassette of 'Shadows' / 'Skin' that's only available from the next few Kutosis shows and their bandcamp page. But even if you don't manage to get hold of one of the 30 cassettes 'Shadows' makes an excellent addition to the blossoming Barely Regal catalogue (which also includes KPL CD stars Among Brothers).

A wonderfully energetic slice of gnarly pop, 'Shadows', is stomach churning excitement powered by a predatory bass riff. Although the band are capable of heavier, this single is a superb demonstration of what they're capable of and how they marry their influences (arty rocking types such as Les Savy Fav and Future Of The Left) to their individual strain of catchy abandon.

So, like we've said – we really love Barely Regal, and as Kutosis are one of the bands that inspired said label to start up, they're incredibly worthy of a few minutes of your time. This release sits nicely alongside the awesome Strange News From Another Star vs Samoans split 7" from earlier in the year - that you really need to check out!

Keep Pop Loud

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